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Friday, August 18, 2017

On the Cultural Appropriation of Tributes


If you are part of the financial domination scene, you've definitely seen these phrases used in response to a question.
However, the concept of paying for the slightest inconvenience has recently overflown out of niche financial domination & fetish culture & into the vanilla world.

Specifically, social justice warriors have "culturally appropriated" tributes.

The very people who would call a financial dominatrix "spoiled," "privileged," "entitled," "classist," & a list of other -ists, are now co-opting & attempting to use our methods of acquiring compensation for emotional labor. It's amazingly ironic but also endlessly infuriating. Head to the comments section on any given post on current events in a public forum & you have a good chance of seeing an SJW, often a "PoC" ("person of color" is another SJW-ism I have issue with -- isn't it just a derogatory Jim Crow-era term with words re-arranged? -- but that's another conversation), fire back at a "problematic" comment, often from a white person, with a link to their Paypal, demanding cash to explain their views. I even saw a black woman on Twitter demand white people "drain their bank accounts and resources" to give to black people "if they want to help," without a hint of satire. For people with such extreme left-wing ideological views against cultural appropriation, it's a laughably ignorant move.

Tributing, the act of voluntarily sending money or gifts to a superior as a humble display of appreciation & compensation for emotional labor, has its online origins in financial domination. As a FinDomme, men masturbate to my photos & videos, my words, my WORK -- daily. Some tribute me to show gratitude for my existence, some tribute in hopes of attention. As the cliche goes, you're paying for my time. There are so many time wasters in this fetish trying to scam Dommes for freebies that I ask submissives for tribute just to engage in conversation. Besides showing dedication, tributes compensate me for the time I spend sifting through messages from worthless horny fuckwads with their dick in their hand, eager to blow a load. I consider the energy women (& men too, I'm sure) in the adult industry expend dealing with such people to be emotional labor. I am one of many, many sex workers with an inbox filled with weird shit ranging from sleazy compliments to death & rape threats. I am also one of many sex workers who has been stalked, doxxed & generally harassed for what I do. This is why I have no qualms requesting & receiving monetary tributes. The fact that SJWs have the nerve to ask for tribute on the grounds of "emotional labor" when simply asked to elaborate on their outrageous far-left ideology is insulting. The fact that they claim to support marginalized peoples while selfishly taking from us is enraging.

SJWs have plucked parts of findom & fetish culture to claim as their own, without credit or compensation to the culture & people who originated & popularized them, while continuing to criticize us. If you want to call out someone's views or behavior as problematic, start by making sure you're not blatantly participating in the appropriation & marginalization of someone else's culture yourself. SJWs, i'M gOnNa nEEd yOu tO SeLf-CriT.

Princess Mabel

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ownership is a strange, subjective, yet ultimately endlessly meaningful concept. It requires a massive amount of trust and effort on both ends, and when all goes right, it is also massively rewarding and fulfilling on both ends.

It is a privilege and an honor to be My property, and few make the cut. Being owned by Me means that you are My slave to do with as I please. You are My little toy, and we play by My rules. Respect, above all else, is paramount. Before you can consider yourself owned, your happiness must be vicariously dependent on Mine. As a slave, your sole purpose is to make Me happy, through your words, actions, and tributes. You must sacrifice for Me and live a life of simplicity befitting an inferior in order to further contribute to My life of luxury. You will get to know Me enough to tribute and gift without being told. You will jump at the opportunity to please. If I am ever unhappy with you, you will apologize and humbly accept whatever scolding and punishment I dole out. I am fair – sweet but never soft. Cruel but never without reason. Punishment is rare and used only to correct bad behavior. As a slave, you are groomed to fit My high standards and trained to serve Me and only Me.

Do you know how many of My owned slaves have slutted around or left me? Zero. Why? Because I make damn sure before I call a boy Mine, that he is, in every sense of the word, Mine. He belongs to Me mind, body, and wallet. He exists to serve and is worthless without Me. I give him purpose, and without Me, his life is empty and unfulfilling. In the five years that I have been taking advantage of weak men, many have served, but few have been owned.

With all of that said, I believe that servitude also holds great value and privilege. In addition to My owned slaves, there are also boys who have been serving Me for months and even years, without either of us ever expressing the desire to own or be owned, respectively. Ownership is wonderful and even necessary for some, but it is definitely not for everyone. It requires an enormous amount of time and dedication on both ends, and I believe a certain personality and innate desire that not every submissive possesses. I recognize that some simply love to spoil! Not every sub needs or wants to be tamed and kept, and I am not one to force anything (you may see themes such as forced bi and forced foot worship in My clip studios, but let’s be honest – it’s not “forced” if you enjoy it).

I have never had an owned slave disappear, but under consideration boys have. You know what though? I don’t give a shit. I never contact them again. I don’t ask where they are; I don’t ask why they left. I say, good riddance to the bitch who didn’t truly wish with all his heart and wallet to be a part of My Queendom. Another one will come by, if not the next day, then the next week, to replace him. That’s the wonderful thing about being a Princess – there is never a shortage of boys begging to serve. You are not a unique snowflake. Never forget your place and how replaceable you are in it. The most you can hope for is a place underfoot and a few minutes of My precious time. You are and will receive nothing more.

Princess Mabel

Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's been a minute since I've updated my blog! Poor Cup of Bitch has been sorely neglected... I'm sure my submissive readers know exactly what that feels like. ;) I have gotten several requests for blog updates, which I am happy to oblige. I will be editing some posts I have saved in Word and publishing them very soon, as well as typing up some new ones. If you are interested in hearing (reading) my opinions on a particular subject or have any questions for me, comment here and I may just answer your questions in an upcoming post.

I've been up to all sorts of antics since my last posts, further exploring BDSM and taking on some real time slaves in NYC, as well as exploring vanilla interests. My new slaves will be getting a whole post to themselves soon, lucky bitches (or unlucky, in the case of one disobedient slave, whom I of course have MANY compromising photos of). It's not too late to join My Queendom; keep an eye on my open positions page for a chance to serve Perfection. As for vanilla life, I will be graduating with my bachelor's degree next May. WHAT?! Make yourself useful and do some back to school shopping while you still have the opportunity, because my time as a co-ed cunt is coming to an end.

I am headed to Atlantic City this Labor Day weekend. So sad that summer is coming to an end. I've been seeing a top tier trainer 3x a week for the past few months, so clearly, hot as fuck photos will be taken, and posted if I get TRIBUTES and GIFTS from you losers while I'm partying.

& Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@BratMabel) if you enjoy my cynical ramblings. (And pictures of my ass. Many pictures of my ass.)

Princess Mabel

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vegas AEE Trip Part 2

Day 3
This was supposed to be the day we went home, but BF surprised me with another night’s stay in Vegas. :) After moving to a suite at Mandalay Bay, we decided to check out the Bacchanal buffet at Caesar’s Palace. As far as buffets go, this one is fucking awesome. It’s HUGE. It has EVERYTHING. Hungover, we grazed for two heavenly hours before heading back to the hotel for a nap.

I shot with the gorgeous Princess Lyne in the evening. This girl is a fucking star. I can’t wait to release our forced bi clip… we look HOT! You guys will have to wait and see.

After shooting, it was off to the Kinkbomb dinner at Sushi Roku and Hyde at the Bellagio. Hyde Hollywood is my favorite club in the LA area. The Vegas location was about 100x bigger and flashier. Perfection.

Goddess Kyaa, Domme Jayne, and me in the limo after dinner. Obsessed with their hair, tbh.

Good shoe shot -- red bottoms :)


The Dommes – Kyaa, Jayne, Rene, Nyla, Mabel. How fucking great do we all look?

After the club, BF and I ended up at some diner. Here is a picture of us there. Aren’t we charming? We ended the night at Little Darlings, where my boyfriend was propositioned by a stripper for a threesome at closing (we politely declined).

Photo credit: Kris Gorr at Idol Star Productions,, Some Guy Who Worked At Peppermill Diner

Day 4
Home. Vegas was exhausting. I had such a beautiful time meeting and hanging out with everyone. Although this was a last-minute trip, I came away with some great clips that I can't wait to get up.

Next up? I'm thinkin' 'bout Fetish Con in Tampa, Florida, in August. I'll keep you guys updated. ;)

Princess Mabel

Friday, February 22, 2013

Vegas AEE Trip Part 1

Growing up in Los Angeles, you’d think I’d have partied in Vegas PLENTY of times… but nope, never happened. So when news of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo began floating around, I knew I wanted to go. Really, what better way to experience Vegas for the first time than with a bunch of hot Dommes? After much schedule shuffling and procrastinating and dog sitter finding, my boyfriend booked us a two night stay at the brand new Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Day 1

After a four hour drive consisting of trap music and the Steve Jobs audiobook, we made it to Las Vegas. Our suite at the Cosmo was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! We even had a hot tub and a little patio with a beautiful view of the strip.

My first shoot of the trip was with Spoiled Bianca. You’d never guess from the teasing clips we shot, but this girl is the sweetest! Our shoot involved heel worship, small penis humiliation, financial domination, pantyhose worship, cuckolding, and candid audio of us making fun of losers as we changed after a clip, thinking we had stopped recording… oops. 0:)

After my shoot with Bianca, I met up with my man to get my ears pierced. I’d been contemplating getting them pierced for a while, so he gave me a sparkly pair of diamond earrings for Christmas! Chris Saint at Club Tattoo was super professional and so adorable. Meoww. With 1.5 carats secured in my face, it was off to dinner and the Kinkbomb party at Chateau. Upon seeing the massive staircase leading up to the club, I just had to ask a bouncer how many people, on average, ate shit down the stairs every night. The answer is eight, and none of those eight were Kinkbomb girls that night… although, who was the girl that was passed out at our table? It remains a mystery.

Day 2
Amai’s loser ex-boyfriend, Ty, was in Vegas as well. He LOVED my delicious spit so much last time that he had been begging me to spit on his stupid face again, so I called up Amai to see what she thought about his pathetic pleas. We laughed at how desperate he was, and she told me to do whatever the fuck I wanted to him. We agreed that he could pay me $300 for a session, and of course I filmed it to show Amai (and the entire internet via Obey Amai) what a fucking loser he was. That’s when things went very, very wrong for Ty…

Laughing In His Spit Covered Face That He Paid For - Severe Real Time Wallet Draining

The instant my saliva hit his ugly face, he got so weak and lost all control. He just kept handing me money and begging for more of my spit. I tried to talk some sense into him, reminding him that if he didn’t stop giving me all his money, he wouldn’t have any left to experience all the things he came to Vegas for – nice dinners, blackjack, shows, nightclubs – and how would he pay for his hotel? Unsurprisingly, the dummy chose my spit over every single one of those things. He ended up giving me all the cash he had with him – a grand total of $1100. I just made him leave my room drenched in spit. I don’t know what happened to him after that. My guess is that he either went home broke or worked the corner to pay his hotel bill. Either way, Amai certainly was not happy with him, and I heard he got a good punishment. Haha!

I, on the other hand, got dressed up for the Kinkbomb dinner at Scarpetta and the big party at Haze. I’m not a big fan of Italian food, but well, wine, and of course, it was great to be in the company of so many beautiful Dommes and the lovely Kinkbomb team. Haze was pretty incredible. You don’t see clubs of this size in New York or LA, and while the gogo dancers in both of those cities are usually pretty hot, every single one of the dancers at Haze looked like lingerie models. Holy fuck. Obviously, our table was pretty great-looking too.

Princess Rene and me

People stared for reasons other than our mind numbing beauty, too. Honestly, would you expect anything less from a Kinkbomb table?

Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, and me having our feet rubbed by nate bitch

Bratty Bunny and me being shy

… and also being bitchy.

Haze photo credit: Kris Gorr at Idol Star Productions

Later on in the night, a bunch of us decided to go to a strip club, so we hopped into a party bus to Crazy Horse III. When Meggerz found out that Domme Jayne and I had never been to a strip club before, she bought us both a lap dance from a hot blonde. It was simultaneously really hot and really awkward; neither of us knew what to do. “Can I grab her boobs? Where in her thong do I put money?” I don’t think anyone was sober enough to take pictures. Too bad for you.

Updates on Day 3 in Vegas coming soon.

Princess Mabel

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Princess Mabel’s State of Findom Address

I’ve noticed a rise lately in (to put it semi-nicely) intellectually inferior “Dommes,” especially on Twitter. The girls I’m talking about are the ones who expect cash to roll in if they tag #paypig in every tweet, beg for rent or internet money, and do not know the difference between “your” and “you’re” – as in, “YOU’RE* a broke loser.” How is it possible for bitches to be so #THIRSTY in 140 characters or less?

Here’s my theory:

You want ice cream. Do you go to Whole Foods in Tribeca and purchase a $7 pint of deliciously rich, locally sourced and organic ice cream handmade in Brooklyn? Or do you go to a budget supermarket and spend that same $7 on a tub of generic, processed crap made in an offshore factory and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup?

Everyone wants the former, but not everyone can afford it, at least not on a consistent basis. If every man had all the disposable income in the world for top tier ice cream, why would anyone buy the cheap shit? I believe the same thing is true of financial domination. If every sub was wealthy enough to spoil the top Dommes, why would any of them accept anything less? Luckily for those of us who haven’t made a big enough name for ourselves to receive brand new cars and credit cards, this is not the way the world works. Finsubs and Findommes both exist of varying income and quality. Unfortunately, this also means that from time to time we will see the gutter girls begging for change.

Princess Perfection brought up a dilemma on the Findoms message boards, wondering whether she should brag about her tributes. Who doesn’t love to brag about receiving money and gifts?! On the other hand, showing tributes of thousands of dollars and designer shoes might intimidate subs into feeling like they will never make enough money to spoil a Princess. My opinion on this is that we should do whatever we want because, in my experience, the boys that genuinely want to serve WILL. Whether a boy introduces himself with $500 or $50, he’s sacrificed a portion of his income for me to show that he is willing and able to be a good slave. Some boys will pop up and blow a few hundred or thousand on my Amazon wishlist from time to time, and that’s that. Some are scared to spend initially but can be coaxed into spending more and more throughout the course of a session. Some are owned and dedicated to making lifestyle changes in order to give more to me. Some simply buy clips. My point is, there is a price point for any true submissive, at least in my Queendom. Even college students have managed to scrimp and save for good-sized tributes.

The problem, then, is that some broke idiots don’t want to wait to get off! They want immediate gratification. Instead of saving up and making sacrifices to serve someone who is undeniably superior to them in every way, they’ll cash their paycheck and take $50 to the girl who will give them the most for their money – to return to the ice cream metaphor, they buy the tub of shitty ice cream. The girl may praise him and brag incessantly about her $50 Amazon GC, give him cam time, pictures, etc. She could not have possibly extracted any more from him using her beauty and intellect than he wanted to give in order to cum, but both parties happily settle.

This is all fine and good for some people, but I have never settled and never intend to. It annoys me to see such inane drivel anywhere around me. I’ve also noticed lately that many of the top Dommes in the financial domination scene no longer identify as Findommes because of the crap that is associated with the word these days. I am not one to define “real” and “fake” financial domination, but I will say this about the intellectually inferior girls: they will never feel the power of financial control.

It is a sublime feeling to reel in an average boy, charm him into sending a small initial tribute, and slowly take hold of his finances, his body, his mind, and his life. It is easy to seduce a boy with your body, but seducing him with your brain is an entirely different level of domination. Do you know the thrill of realizing that a man who was hesitant to buy a pair of shoes for you is now an obedient servant who has transferred over tens of thousands of dollars of his hard-earned cash in the process?

Boys, next time you wish to indulge your financial domination fetish, ask yourself: Besides the fact that she has a vagina, is this girl SUPERIOR to me? Is she my intellectual equal or superior? Does she actually NEED my money, or does she have the power to deny me according to her whim? Is she of a caliber worthy of being called a Princess, Goddess, Queen, Mistress, or whatever name she chooses to go by? Think with your brain for a minute before all the blood rushes to your dick. True financial fetish CANNOT be fulfilled by handing money over to an inferior.

Princess Mabel

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!
Cheers to another wonderful (and lucrative) year of taking advantage of men as a Dominatrix, Cash Princess, and Spoiled Girlfriend.

Here's a look back on what happened in my last month of 2012.

I hate Christmas. It's my least favorite holiday. Every year, I dread the holiday music (which comes on in October... why???), the slow-walking mobs of tourists, the obligation to find people presents, the annoying Salvation Army bells, and most of all, everyone's stupid conversations about their stupid holiday plans and their stupid dead tree. However, this past Christmas was a bit more bearable because I celebrated CHANELMAS.

A Princess like me deserves LUXURY. I accept only the best, and even though I despise Christmas, it is no exception to the rule... which is why I let puss have the pleasure of buying me a vintage mini Chanel bag.

Tiny and adorable, perfect for holding the essentials.

I just love controlling puss' expenditures to make sure that he has enough money to buy me nice things. A sub doesn't necessarily need to be wealthy to serve me... just willing to make necessary sacrifices and lifestyle changes. In exchange, puss will receive a pair of worn boyshorts and black tights. Lucky boy!

What else did I receive?
- Diamond earrings from boyfriend
- Rosegold BCBG dress, NARS lipstick, $200 Nordstrom GC, Verilux lamp, and some magazine subscriptions from footrest
- $350 in Amazon GCs and a Zagat wine subscription from dave
- Lots of Amazon GCs from various other boys

Thanks guys, happy 2013!

Princess Mabel